Discover the Concept

Discover the Concept

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Three Service Pages

To help you get started we’ve provided you with three service page variations, that you can modify and mix, or you can create your own using some of the 100+ sections that come with the theme.


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Extend Provided Layouts

Want to make a layout your own. We’ve prepared every section as a separate element that you can insert and modify using Visual Composer Page Builder.


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Templates On The Go

Speed up your workflow by inserting layouts into the page you’re working on. Access layouts and sections from our custom built-in template library.


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The Approach

Sartre is a powerful multi-layout and multi-purpose WordPress theme.

It allows creatives to build concepts for any kind of industry. Use it to create a website for travel agencies, barbershops or even mobile and web applications. Sartre WordPress theme is highly customisable and offers some 100+ purpose-built content blocks, 24 concept layouts, a range of pre-designed headers, footers, modals and so much more.

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The Trust Factor

When buying a theme from us, you can rest assured that we will maintain it.
Our theme comes with 8 in-house plugins, which means that when there is an update, you’ll be sure to always have the latest version. In addition, with every purchase of Sartre, you get 6 months, 24/7 included premium support.[/tm_textblock]

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