Lake Baikal Winter

Lake Baikal Winter

Lake Baikal Winter


Your image is printed at 11×17″ on 13×19″ heavy weight archival quality paper. This allows for a 1″ white border between the edges of the paper and the photograph. You may display the photograph as-is or choose to mount and frame it for long term display.

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To many would be travelers, Siberia is skipped over as a grey and uninviting place. To me, it is another part of the world to be explored and enjoyed for its beauty and its people. The landscapes there can be tremendous if you are determined, patient, and know where to look. For this shot I was walking on the frozen surface of Lake Baikal at sunset in search of some great light. I was happy to have found it, reflected in these large blocks of ice which had formed through the brutal cold of another Siberian winter.

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