A Respite from The Storm

A Respite from The Storm

A Respite from The Storm


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The 13×19″ print comes mounted on gatorfoam and is ready to hang directly on your wall. Come see this print on display at Culture Brewing Co, Encinitas through the month of September!

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These are the Fisherman’s Cabins in northern Norway. Waaaay northern Norway. I went there in January knowing that the area only experiences 2hrs of daylight each day. I had envisioned 2 hour long sunset/sunrise scenes, with extended periods of twilight bookended by northern lights. Of course, the reality of traveling the northern arctic during winter is often much different. I was greeted by 50mph wind gusts which made it impossible to stabilize my camera even with a tripod. Sleet and snow, biting cold, and hard cloud cover constituted most of the trip. So I threw some more logs on the fire in my cabin and enjoyed the travel experience for its total uniqueness.

On the single calm day, I was able to capture several images I was happy with. And then the winds kicked back up again and I got out of dodge. The area is truly stunning, and I can’t wait to return. Perhaps not in January next time… or to hell with it, why not…

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