Canon 5D Mark III Dynamic Range

I could care less about the Nikon vs. Canon argument, specifically the D800 vs the 5D Mark III. The ONLY reason I bought a 5D III is that I already have a bunch of Canon lenses, and the 5D seemed like a pretty good camera. The D800 seems like a pretty good camera too, and […]

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A Guide to Startrails

One of my favorite things about photography is it allows us to see things we would never be able to with other media. To actually see the movement of stars over the course of hours is really incredible. If done right, startrail shots will be some of the most beautiful images you will ever capture. The thing about startrails is […]

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The Southern Beaches of Sri Lanka

Jan 18-29, 2012 I sometimes get my heart set on going to a place but can’t go there because I don’t have the right combination of time off, money, or travel buddies. Sri Lanka had been one of those places for years – I was so curious about the culture, the people, and the place […]

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