The most beautiful lake in the world

The most beautiful lake in the world

The most beautiful lake in the world

The Pearl of Siberia

It’s known as The Pearl of Siberia. Really, it’s the pearl of planet Earth.

As much as I’ve traveled and as much as I’ve seen, only a handful of places have struck such a lasting chord with me. Lake Baikal, or “Ozero Baikal” as the Russians pronounce it, is one of those places. Holding 20% of the planet’s freshwater supply, Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest, and among the clearest lakes in the world. It’s also drop dead gorgeous, and when I first saw it in 2011 I knew just one visit wouldn’t be nearly enough.


Ice on Lake Baikal

Ice on Lake Baikal in March


Beautiful Lake Baikal

Beautiful Lake Baikal in October


A trip of a lifetime

Dazzling though it may be, Baikal is wholly, harshly Siberia. Getting here is worthy of “trip of a lifetime” status, even for most Russians. To state the obvious, there’s quite a lot of land in Russia, and Lake Baikal is far from everything.

Besides geography, there’s also the climate. The air is crisp throughout most of the year. While the chill is moderated somewhat by the massive lake, winter weather is just as cold and isolating as Baikal’s lonely geographic positioning suggests. To the uninitiated, “cold” does not even begin to describe the experience. A Siberian winter is different. Rather than being simply cold or chilly, a Siberian winter is the utter, complete absence of heat, warmth, or comfort.

Listvyanka Travel

Listvyanka at dusk


A different kind of travel experience…

Given the climate and remote location, it should be plainly obvious that this is no ordinary travel experience. In Listvyanka, Baikal’s main tourist town, the charred aroma of burning firewood continually envelops you as smoke rises from every chimney. Dogs bark repeatedly in protest of such unearthly temperatures; their sounds pierce quickly the frozen air, attenuated only slightly by the snow and ice which encases the area beginning as early as October.

A visit to beautiful Lake Baikal is visually stunning, yet physically challenging and mentally draining.




Why we travel

You can easily visit in summer and avoid all that, but you most certainly should not. An off season visit is a fascinating, welcome dislocation from everything which is comfortable and everything that is familiar. After all, do we not travel to see something different? Isn’t the whole point to place yourself in the middle of something foreign, not just in the cultural and geographical sense, but also to experience an unfamiliar climate in the height of it’s dissimilarity? And what lessons can we learn from witnessing firsthand how people not just survive, but thrive in the face of such challenges?

It’s an education through experience that can’t be taught in a classroom. My visits to Baikal have put Siberia on the map for me as an actual place, subzero weather and all, rather than some general idea of “siberia.”


Listvyanka Stars

The edge of the Earth? Listvyanka Stars

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Comments ( 9 )

  • Robert [HolaTaipei]

    Amazing pictures! As you say, the point of travelling is to meet with the unknown. It must have been a great experience!

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  • Noelia

    Wonderful!!!! Thanks for sharing your experience….
    I am going to travel with a friend the Trans-Siberian route next April. Unfortunately we just have 20 days for Russia, so we plan to stay 3D in Moscow, 4 D in St Petersburgo and the rest 13 days for the Trans-Siberian. We would have liked to go to Mongolia but we don’t have enough time so we think to stop in Ekaterimburgo, Novosibirsk (Tomsk), Irkutsk and Ulan Ude. What do you think about it according to your experience? Would you suggest something different?

    • Ed Graham

      I think you have allotted a good amount of time to each place. I agree you won’t have enough time to do Mongolia but I highly recommend visiting at some point. Enjoy the trip! You will have a great time (make sure to spend plenty of time on Lake Baikal – it is magical)

  • chintan

    Excellent pictures, I must say !! The first one left me completely stunned and the fact that, ‘it holds 20% of planet’s freshwater supply’ WOW. This makes me think how vast it must be. I like your descriptions, the words you use and how you share local experience. The only thing that I believe should also be shared for the readers is the approximate cost and the right medium to travel, about food and where you stayed (if possible with the photos.) This would definitely help.

    • Ed Graham

      Thanks a lot. I have quite a few posts on this site about the Trans Siberian Railway if you are looking for costs and travel details. Glad you enjoyed the post.


    Hi Ed

    Beautiful pictures, i will be on Lake Bajkal next february 2018

    For 5 photographic days, if you have any suggestion and advice to give me , are welcome

    Thank you


    • EdGraham

      Sure, if I had 5 days there I would look into the circum Baikal railway. Otherwise with 5 days you can just stay in Listvyanka and enjoy taking pictures locally.

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