Why You Should Go to Siberia This Year

Why You Should Go to Siberia This Year

Why You Should Go to Siberia This Year

A Winter’s Journey to… Siberia?

While most of your traveler friends count the days to their tropical island getaways this winter, you might consider bucking the trend and heading somewhere that’s completely off the beaten path. Siberia might not top anybody’s list of winter travel destinations, but it holds untold rewards for those willing to embrace the challenges of traveling there. Here are 5 reasons you should forego your swimsuit and sunburn this year and head to Russia’s frozen tundra instead. Don’t forget to bring a jacket.


1. Siberia is Uncommonly Beautiful

There’s something really special about those crisp winter days in Siberia. The sky is a deep clear blue, the air is fresh, and you can see to the horizon and beyond. It’s a special sort of beauty that can’t be found anywhere else.


Listvyanka and Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal, the largest freshwater lake in the world, is widely regarded as the most beautiful Siberian destination. Come in late winter to see its entire surface frozen over, and for the really adventurous there’s even a marathon which crosses the lake from one side to the other.

2. Locals are Overwhelmingly Hospitable

This part of the world isn’t exactly known for friendliness, but let’s face it: you’d have your “game face” on too if you lived in a place where it was -30 for half the year. Make the effort to get through locals’ occasionally frosty exteriors, and you’ll find their warm hearts take the chill out of even the coldest Siberian days.

Train Station

Train station along the Trans Siberian Railway

The best place to interact with locals is on the Trans Siberian Railway. Come prepared knowing some basic Russian greetings and bring some food and drink to share, and you’re virtually guaranteed to make new friends.

3. It’s Unique

When’s the last time anyone’s told you about their upcoming winter trip to Siberia? I rest my case.

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Of all the little oddities, perhaps the strangest among them is the outdoor ice cream kiosk in Tomsk. Really? Ice cream?

4. It’s Exciting

Lake Baikal Marathon

Lake Baikal Marathon

It’s fascinating to see people go about their normal, daily lives in a climate that’s so severe and unforgiving. Experiencing that firsthand is enough to pique any traveler’s interest. There’s also ice fishing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and plenty of beautifully ornate cafés for when it’s time to get out of the cold.

5. You’ll Feel Warm When You Return Home

Your friends will return from their short beach holidays dreading the remainder of winter. You, on the other hand, can rejoice in the relative warmth that coming home provides.



It’s all a matter of perspective, and a winter’s visit to Siberia will certainly change yours.

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Comments ( 9 )

  • Katie

    Love this! I went through Siberia in November and people thought I was nuts but it was beautiful. Got caught in a snowstorm on Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal but it was great! And – one thing I heard when I was in Ulan Ude is that the area actually gets something like 300+ days of sunshine a year. So it may be cold, but it’s not necessarily dark and gray!

    • Ed Graham

      Oooh sounds fun, Olkholn is on my list for sure… been to Baikal twice and there will definitely be at least a 3rd! Yeah the skies are clear, although the temps are lower it’s pretty far removed from the dull grey winters we get in N.America…

  • Naomi

    Dude. There is ALWAYS reason to have ice-cream. 😉

  • Andrea

    Visiting Siberia in winter? What a crazy idea! It looks so beautiful though so I can understand the interested in that respect but still…

  • Alex Berger

    Sounds like a very cool way to explore winter landscapes. Your shot of the windows is absolutely spectacular.

  • Brea @ Traveling Igloo

    Beautiful images! I just came across your website via adventurouskate and love seeing all your photos and travels. I grew up in Alaska and always miss how beautiful it is there. The air is more crisp, you can see more stars in the sky, the northern lights are stunning, and of course you can partake in all the fun winter activities you can imagine (including the annual Slush Cup!). I’m looking forward to reading more posts on your website, thanks!

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