Why You Don’t Need a Great Camera to Take Great Pictures

Why You Don’t Need a Great Camera to Take Great Pictures

Why You Don’t Need a Great Camera to Take Great Pictures

Don’t Buy Into the Hype!

There’s no limit to what you can spend in photography, and it’s in camera companies’ interest to make you think that more money means better pictures. You don’t have to buy into this hype.



What kind of camera do you think was used to capture the photo above? The photo is 25 megapixels, and it maintains plenty of sharp detail zoomed all the way in to the pixel level. Here’s the image at a 100% crop:

One Hundred Percent

100% Crop

What if I told you it was shot on an old Canon Powershot point and shoot? The camera earned mixed reviews and is worth only about $60 today. The photo was edited entirely for free using downloadable GIMP and Hugin software.

So what does spending money do for you? Besides a lighter wallet, spending money can occasionally make it easier to take good pictures. Expensive cameras allow photographers to change between shooting modes more quickly, opening up photographic possibilities that weren’t previously available. Expensive cameras also maintain higher image quality in a wider range of shooting situations, particularly in low light.

I would never discourage someone who really wanted to drop the big bucks on photography, but it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Always remember that you can take excellent pictures without spending your life’s savings on a camera. Here are just a couple more examples, all shot with an old Canon Rebel XTi, worth less than $200 today:

Alleyway at Night

Alleyway at Night in Zurich


Kid Reflections

Reflections in Chicago


Winter in Chicago

Winter in Chicago



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  • the paper boat sailor

    Great point. Photography is ultimately about the moment, about storytelling, and while a great device can help you convey your story better, there wouldn’t be one to convey without ideas and creativity.

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