Why Good Travel Photography Enhances the Travel Experience

Why Good Travel Photography Enhances the Travel Experience

Why Good Travel Photography Enhances the Travel Experience

Do you use Twitter, where the 140 character limit makes every communication feel choppy? How about hurriedly scrolling through Facebook statuses, rushing past anything you don’t find immediately interesting?

Good travel photography is a perfect antidote to today’s fast paced world.

It takes a lot of time and thought to put together a successful image. This means photography works to slow down the pace of our travels, helping us appreciate it more in the process. Personally, travel photography drives me to find the most beautiful locations in each place I visit. Often I’ll go out of my way to see these locations at sunrise or sunset when the light is at its best. When you put in the effort to capture a beautiful scene in this way, you don’t just get to take home a nice picture. You also gain the experience and memory of having witnessed the scene with your own eyes.

Vladivostok, Russia

Vladivostok, Russia at night

This scene from Vladivostok, Russia is a perfect example. Vladivostok is a great city, but from ground level it’s a bit gritty and I found it difficult to find places to take pictures. Vladivostok is surrounded by hills though, and I knew if I could get to the top of one that I might be rewarded with good photo opportunities.

It was a long trek to get up there, set up my tripod, and spend the time I needed to capture this scene. The freezing nighttime temperatures of Russia in mid March added to the challenge.

My girlfriend came with me, and we had a great time up there because we approached it as a both a photo opportunity and a travel experience. Without my drive to take good pictures, we wouldn’t have gone to the trouble to get to this spot. But thanks to travel photography, we were rewarded with this beautiful view of Vladivostok and a memory that will last far longer than if we had gone to another cafe that night instead.

Beautiful photo opportunities always go hand in hand with beautiful travel experiences.

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  • Dan @ A Cruising Couple

    Awesome shot! Photography has definitely forced me to look deeper while traveling. I look for those small details that really make a place special. Details I may have overlooked if not for photography.

  • Stephen

    I’m with you. I find that not only do I spend more time exploring trying to find *just* the right spot, but it leaves such a strong and lasting memory because I’m so focused on trying to see exactly wherein lies the beauty and how to capture that feeling. It can be kind of hard, sometimes, to separate the photography and travel and exploration into distinct things since they’re all so intertwined.

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