This is The Visual Guide to Travel Photography

This is The Visual Guide to Travel Photography

This is The Visual Guide to Travel Photography

Here’s one of my earliest travel pictures.

Amsterdam Boat

Shot in 2007 on my then-new Canon Rebel XTi

It was shot in Amsterdam with my then- new and very fancy DSLR.¬†Pretty “amazing” stuff, right?

At the time I thought it was. I used a polarizer – that’s a photo filter which helped darken the blue and reduce reflections in the water. I tried to create balance by waiting until the boat was about 2/3rds of the way through the frame before I snapped. I trusted my new and expensive DSLR to make a proper exposure, and I shot the scene exactly as you see here. I felt like a pro because I was shooting in a foreign land with a nice camera, and I figured every shot I’d take would be pure gold.

Here’s a more recent shot of a boat in water.



Looking at my old picture from Amsterdam, I remember very little of what it felt like to be there. But when I look at this more recent picture from Istanbul, I remember everything. The sights, the smells, the sounds, the chaos and the beauty all come back to me. I feel like part of me is still there. So what’s the difference?

Not much: The composition is nearly identical. Water, buildings, and a boat that falls about 2/3rds of the way through the frame. I put the same amount of thought into each photo. This is essentially the same picture, distinguished only by about 5 years worth of photography experience.

With The Visual Guide to Travel Photography, I want to help you fast forward through those years.

I want you to see your images and remember not just what it looked like to be in a place, but what it felt like.

This is The Visual Guide to Travel Photography.

The Visual Guide

The Visual Guide to Travel Photography

I’ll update these to links as I post each article:

The Visual Guide

The Pictures

The Camera

  • Why You Don’t Need A Great Camera to Take Great Pictures
  • The Argument for AUTO
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Camera

Advanced Ways to Add Artistic Interest

Your Best Picture

  • Dramatic Light
  • Cities
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Motion
  • Night Photography

Getting Fancy With It

  • Using Photo Filters
  • High Dynamic Range Photography
  • Flash Photography
  • Shooting the Stars

Post Processing

Finding Your Photographic Style

Film Is Not Dead


Finding Inspiration and Sharing Your Photos

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