The Unbelievable Beauty of Nepal

The Unbelievable Beauty of Nepal

The Unbelievable Beauty of Nepal

Navigating harsh, high altitude terrain; occasionally soaked from rain, at other times sweating from exertion only to end up shivering from cold soon after; exhausted from walking for hours on end, heavy packs on our shoulders and with one bad knee in tow.

None of that mattered. The challenges of the Himalayas were muted and distant afterthoughts, if they were thoughts at all.


Morning in Nepal

Morning in Kathmandu

Our eyes and minds were focused on only one thing:

The Unbelievable Beauty of Nepal

I’d like to share some pictures from Nepal, but before I do I have a confession to make.

I’ve always had a hard time looking at pictures online. It’s not the fault of the photographer; it’s entirely my fault as the viewer. You see, I almost always fail to imagine myself there. I have this tendency to see a pretty picture of something, quickly accept it as a pretty picture, and move on without really imagining what it might be like to be there for myself.

It’s the text message, popcorn equivalent of hitting “page down” as I glance at pictures online.

For that reason I’ve kept the editing to a minimum on the following pictures, or at least the minimum required to reflect the reality of Nepal as I remember it. In doing so, I hope you can look at these images and imagine being there for yourself.



Annapurna II as viewed from Upper Pisang


Cook in the town of Tal


Praken Gompa

Praken Gompa



Himalaya Sunrise



Stars over the Himalayas


Long Exposure

Long Exposure of Mountain in the Himalayas


Holy Men

Holy Men in Kathmandu


Motorcycle in Kathmandu

Motorcycle in Kathmandu


Lighting Candles

Lighting Candles in Pokhara


Morning Stretches

Morning Stretches over Kathmandu




I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Nepal. More pictures and stories soon.


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