The Travel Photo Carnival Round 5: Motion!

The Travel Photo Carnival Round 5: Motion!

The Travel Photo Carnival Round 5: Motion!

Showcase Your Best Motion Shots!

Welcome to Round 5 of the Travel Photo Carnival. What’s that, you ask?

The Travel Photo Carnival is a way for all of us travel photographers to connect with each other and share our best photos from each week’s theme. Entering is super easy; just email your photo to me at ed (at) and I’ll put your entry up here in this post.

This week’s theme is… wait for it….

Motion! That’s right, motion! Motion is a complex, open ended subject that can be photographed in many ways. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can capture motion and potentially walk away as this week’s winner.


Obvious motion with long exposures

Motion with Tripod

Motion with Tripod

Perhaps the easiest way to capture motion is by using a tripod as I did in this 2 second exposure from Moscow. I used a neutral density filter to reduce the amount of light going into my camera, allowing me to take a longer exposure. If you don’t have a neutral density filter you can simply wait until it gets a little darker before you take your picture.


Long exposure handheld

Handheld Long Exposure

Another way to capture motion is by using Shutter Priority Mode on your camera as I did in this 1/10 sec exposure in New Delhi, India.


Implied motion with short exposures

Short exposure

Motion with a short exposure

Here’s a short, 1/2500 sec exposure shot of motion. The raindrops appear frozen in the image, but it’s easy to imagine the motion. You can get really creative with short exposure motion shots like this.


How to enter

To enter, please do three things:

  1. Leave a comment below to let people know you’ve entered
  2. Email your photo entry directly to me at ed (at)
  3. Include a link to your blog if you want to be eligible to win and subsequently host the next round

When I have your entry I’ll add it into this post so you can showcase your best motion shot! I’d love to have everyone enter! That means you!


How to win

To win, you need to have the ability to host the next round. That means having a blog and enough time in your busy schedule to write a post like this. The competition ends on 26 August, so I’ll need to have your entry before then!

Also, your motion photo needs to rock.


This week’s entries (see your entry here!)

Stephen Lioy

From Stephen Lioy at MonkBoughtLunch


Lina Stock

From Lina Stock of Divergent Travelers


Brent Huntley

Brent Huntley of Travel & Landscape Photography


Merete Brown

Merete Brown of Outside the Limits

Dan Moore

Dan Moore at A Cruising Couple



Danielle Fenton

Danielle Fenton at Trek Snappy


The previous four rounds and how I won

Round 1: Flora at AfterGlobe
Round 2: Sand and Stone at Calculated Traveller
Round 3: Sunrise or Sunset at Outside the Limits
Round 4: Reflections at Trek Snappy

I was absolutely honored to win round 4 with my shot of Ice on Lake Baikal in Russia:

Ice on Baikal

Round 4 Winner

Thanks Trek Snappy! And congrats to all the other inspirational entries from Round 4!

Enter your best Motion shot now! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

And the Winner Is

Wow, what a great group of entries and such a tough week to pick a winner. But it has to be done:

Stephen Lioy

From Stephen Lioy at MonkBoughtLunch

I love this shot. Look at that incredible composition, with the trees to the left and rock at the bottom forming an outline around the bird. And the wings are so so close to the edge of the frame, it looks as though the bird’s ready to fly right out of the picture! Great shot Stephen and congrats on this week’s win!

As the winner of Round 5, Stephen will be hosting Round 6 on his website. Thanks for all the entries and stay tuned to see the next round’s theme!

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