Where can you see THIS?

Where can you see THIS?

Where can you see THIS?

They’re not cute… Really.

I never realized how incredibly stupid penguins look until I saw them for myself. Seeing them waddle awkwardly on land, watching them flap their useless wings, listening to them caw loudly at each other for no apparent reason other than to make noise. But get them in water, though, and they suddenly transform into one of the most amazing animals on the planet. I knew I wanted to see them last year when I went down south, waaay south to Punta Arenas, Chile.

Thousands of penguins migrate to Isla Magdalena every summer (October through March). If you’re in Punta Arenas during this time it’s well worth a visit – take a passenger ferry or do as I did and buy a ticket on one of the cargo ships that go to the island. The island itself is small with absolutely no facilities other than a lonely lighthouse. There’s a roped path for tourists but otherwise the entire island is overrun by thousands of very bold penguins – they have no fear of humans and will walk right up to you if you let them, awkwardly gawking at you as you stare right back at them.

Okay, okay. Maybe they’re a little cute.

Here are the pictures (I had some fun with the editing on these):










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