Living Large in Reykjavik

Living Large in Reykjavik

Living Large in Reykjavik

Live large in Reykjavik

Iceland’s capitol is bursting at the seams with life and energy. A full day can easily be spent walking around without a plan.



Hallgrímskirkja Church. Just sound it out, or something

The View
Situated on Iceland’s southeastern coastline, you’ll be treated to breathtaking glimpses across the bay as you explore the city. Don’t miss the view from the top of Hallgrímskirkja Church. It’s the the third tallest building in the country, and it’s perch atop Reykjavik gives viewers a stunning bird’s eye view of the city and surrounding terrain.


Hot Dogs

Must be that Viking blood – this guy’s jackletless in near freezing weather at this hot dog stand

You should eat!
Try a local hot dog stand for a quick, easy, and refreshingly cheap snack. The locals love Icelandic hot dogs, and you’ll see why once you taste one.

Stop inside if you get cold – Reykjavik’s many coffee shops are enough to keep you warm and satisfied, and they provide the perfect respite from all that wind (it’s always windy in Iceland.)

Check out Reykjavik’s restaurants when you start craving something more than the next coffee shop pastry. Local fish, meat, and soup dishes are common, and adventurous eaters will be thrilled to know you can find puffin, whale, and even horse at some restaurants.


Viking beer

Viking beer

By night, Reykjavik turns into party central. The coffee shops double as bars and clubs, and Icelanders love live music. The scene’s not quite as crazy as the hype may have you believe – Iceland’s still in Europe after all, and there are plenty of European cities that take their partying far more seriously than Reykjavik. Still, there’s no shortage of places to suck back delicious local Viking beer and less tasty Brennivín liquor all night long.



Reflections across Tjörnin Lake

Photographing Reykjavik
Best view: Hallgrímskirkja Church

Best for reflections: The view across Tjörnin lake.

For a more modern and gritty look: There’s plenty of interesting graffiti around town

For colors: just walk down the street!

Reykjavik picture taking strategies will be greatly affected by exactly when you’re in Iceland. Spring and fall offer close to a “normal” 12 hour day. Wintertime necessitates a tripod and nighttime photography techniques, as you’ll only have a few hours daylight. Summertime photographers will be treated to always bright conditions. Iceland’s high latitude means the sun’s always low on the horizon even on long days, and dramatic light can be readily found when the weather’s good.

Colors in Reykjavik

Colors in Reykjavik

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