Just How Cold is Siberia in Winter?

Just How Cold is Siberia in Winter?

Just How Cold is Siberia in Winter?

I just finished my second trip on the Trans Siberian Railway, an epic journey that took me from Tallinn, Estonia to Vladivostok, Russia by land. I went in late fall the first time across, and although it snowed in every Russian city I visited I was left wondering just how cold it gets in the dead of winter. This year I set off for Siberia in February which ensured a very frozen but very beautiful trip. This is Siberian cold:


Siberia gets so cold that…


Even the birds huddle together for warmth, preferably on a snowless surface…



…but a snowy one will make do.



Steam condenses instantly,



and a freak snowstorm can hit at any time…


Snow in Tomsk

…like this one in Tomsk. It was sunny and clear about an hour before this picture.


Ice Slide

It get’s so cold that playgrounds are made out of ice,


Buried in snow

and the houses are buried in snow.



So are the park benches. Like this one.


Bench in snow

And this one.



Nighttime brings a chill like no other…


Wind in Tomsk

…especially when the icy wind blows the snow.


Cold Tomsk

Hardly anybody ventures out in these conditions.


Hardy Russian

Even the hardiest Russians get cold sometimes.



Thankfully there’s always green to be found. Siberians love to put plants in their windowsills.


Colorful buildings

And the buildings are colorful, even though the sky is grey.


Rivers freeze over

Rivers freeze over,


Frozen Baikal

as does the great Lake Baikal.


Baikal Ice

There’s plenty of ice on the lake…


Baikal Marathon

…and a crazy few run a marathon across it every year (more on that soon…)


Crack in the ice

The runners always hope the lake stays frozen.


And if it’s still not cold enough…

Ice Cream

you can always cool off with a nice Siberian ice cream!

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