You’ll Love These Spring Travel Destinations

You’ll Love These Spring Travel Destinations

You’ll Love These Spring Travel Destinations

Much of the northern hemisphere is frozen solid right about now, and spring feels like a long way away. But fear not! Spring will be here before you know it, so start planning if you’re looking to get away.

Why spring is a good time to travel

Weather is pleasant around the world – If you’re headed south of the equator you’ll experience fall colors and easy weather. For those traveling up north, temperatures are mild with good weather aside from occasional rain showers.

It’s less crowded – Winter’s holiday traffic has dropped off and summer’s still a long way off. Unless you’re headed to Cancun for spring break or Tokyo for the cherry blossoms, you’ll likely have the destination all to yourself.

It’s cheap – Hotels and airlines are no stranger to shoulder season. They know crowds drops off, and they’ll lower prices to entice you to come.

It’s pretty – Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and the northern hemisphere is finally starting to wake up.


Where to travel during spring

Here are some spring destinations you’ll love:

Brussels, Belgium – Good beer, good waffles, and lots of history in the European Union’s de facto capitol city.

Brussels Flowers

Springtime flowers in Brussels


Berlin, Germany – A laid back vibe, tons of history, delicious German brats, and some of the best beer gardens in the world. What’s not to like? Beat the summer crowds with a springtime visit.


A springtime evening in Berlin


Madrid, Spain – One of Europe’s most easy going big cities, Madrid is an especially good springtime destination. It’s a great place to enjoy warm weather, sunny skies, and outdoor cafes well before you’d be able to in more northerly destinations.

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain


Jerusalem, Israel – Avoid summer’s heat as you explore this ancient and fascinating city. Jerusalem is an cauldron of immiscible religions, cultures, and histories.

Jerusalem, Israel

The Dome of the Rock towers over Jerusalem’s old city


Koh Lanta, Thailand – Thaw out from winter’s cold on a laid back Thai beach. Koh Lanta’s tourism board likes to remind you that the island’s open year round, but it’s better to visit in early spring before monsoon season brings clouds and rain. Click here for more on the islands of the Andaman Sea.

Koh Lanta

Head to Koh Lanta for laid back beaches and Thai smiles


Xitang, China – Overrun with tourists in the summer, spring is the prefect time to experience Xitang’s beautiful bridges and waterways.

Xitang, China

Xitang, China in the spring


Sydney, Australia – Head down south to catch the tail end of summer as Sydney begins to embrace the fall. Temperatures are cooler, crowds are lessened, and Sydney is as beautiful as ever.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour


So snap out of it

Shake off winter’s cold and start planning your spring trip now.

Snap out of it

Don’t worry, it’s almost over…

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