Best Places in Europe for…

Best Places in Europe for…

Best Places in Europe for…

Looking for new travel ideas? Here are 5 places in Europe to check out.

Best places in Europe for:

For going broke on $10 coffees:

Moscow, Russia

Кофемания (Coffeemania) in Moscow, at $10 usd a cup, boasts the most expensive coffee anywhere I’ve ever seen. Well, except for maybe the $30 cup of Kopi Luwak coffee I saw in Bali, Indonesia. Kopi Luwak is coffee made from beans eaten and umm, digested by a civet. It’s rare, difficult to produce, and it has a unique taste – hence the high price. Кофемания’s $10 cup, on the other hand, is just plain coffee.


For drinking beer:

Berlin, Germany


Because of it’s massive Oktoberfest celebration every year, Munich gets far more beer drinking recognition than Berlin. But for good brews, good prices, and a down to earth feel, Munich’s got nothin’ on Berlin.


For partying all night:

Madrid, Spain


It’s no secret the Spanish know how to party. And because the word’s out, you’ll find party-goers from all over the world in Spain’s laid back capitol.


For destroying stereotypes:

Paris, France


It’s always amazing to me when I come across someone who thinks they’ve got the French all figured out. Invariably this person has never actually been to France. So before you engorge yourself on your next order of “Freedom Fries”, try actually going there, talking with the locals, and seeing the place for yourself! (Note: this would actually require you to get a passport)


For not having a plan:

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Castle

Prague is easy: it’s small, insanely walkable, relatively inexpensive, and a hell of a lot of fun. Except for perhaps the castle (pictured above), there are no real “must sees”. It’s the perfect European city to walk around and explore without the self-imposed pressure of actually having a plan.

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