Trans Siberian Railroad: Omsk, Russia

Trans Siberian Railroad: Omsk, Russia

Trans Siberian Railroad: Omsk, Russia

Nov 5-7, 2011

Omsk. Nearing western Siberia and close to the boarder of Kazakhstan, it’s about as central it gets in Russia. Omsk doesn’t offer much for the tourist. It’s as big a city as you’ll find in Siberia, but the guidebooks give it simply a passing mention. It’s just another stop on the way to something better.

I wanted to see a Russian city that was a bit more ‘off the beaten path’ than the ones recommended in the guide books. Omsk is home to 1.1 million people and is a major transportation hub in Siberia. It’s a working class city, and I thought it might give insight into the daily life of Russians living outside the eye of tourism.

Omsk River

Omsk is a sprawled out place with a very small center. It doesn’t take itself too seriously – there are lots of light hearted statues around town poking subtle fun at itself. And it was cold. Very, very cold. One evening the temp got down to 5 degrees F, with gusty winds making for a bitterly cold experience. For the citizens of Omsk, it was just another late fall day.

Omsk Cold

Three nights in a city with few tourist sights meant our stay in Omsk was a restful one. With only two stops ahead of us, our time in Omsk marked the beginning of the end of our journey.

Omsk Church

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