Trans Siberian Railroad: Moscow

Trans Siberian Railroad: Moscow

Trans Siberian Railroad: Moscow

Nov 10-13, 2011

There are many options for train travel in and out of Moscow – we chose an overnight train in the hopes of getting some sleep and saving the cost of a hotel. By now we were quite accustomed to sleeping on trains and while 6hrs of sleep on a moving train can’t be called restful, it was adequate.

Arrival into Moscow can best be described as confusing and frustrating (actually that’s a good synopsis for the whole of Russia.) The train station convientely connects with the city’s subway system. The Moscow subway is HUUUGE, ornate, exquisitely beautiful, and it does a great job of connecting the city. But we were thrust right into the thick of it for our first introduction, and needless to say we were a little lost. As is often the case with traveling, all you need is a little patience and drive, and good things will happen. We were pointed in the right direction and quickly figured things out from there.

Colors of Moscow

Moscow itself is sort of “Europe meets Texas”. The city has all the beauty of Europe’s best architecture but on an absolutely daunting “everything’s bigger in Texas” scale. The resulting feel is imposing, overwhelming, omnious, and completely jaw droppingly awe inspiring.

In the world’s biggest cities, virtually anything can be found and Moscow is no different. From world class resturants to beautiful archiceture, ballet shows to incredible nightlife, Moscow has it in spades. But in this city, expect to pay for it. Moscow is one of the most expensive places I have ever been. It’s a place where searching for bargins really pays off; if you’re not careful you’ll end up paying in excess of $10 usd+ for a single cup of coffee. If you keep an eye on prices you can expect to pay nearly what you would in a more typical major European or American city.

Busy Moscow

Moscow was our final stop. The end of the trip was bittersweet – savoring the last moments abroad while looking forward to coming home. I LOVED this trip – I would recommend it to anyone with the desire to go¬†thoroughly¬†off the beaten path. Go somewhere your friends haven’t been, see something new, explore something different. Sibera is a beautiful place and someday I’d love to return.

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