Trans Siberian Railroad: Beijing

Trans Siberian Railroad: Beijing

Trans Siberian Railroad: Beijing

Oct 20-24, 2011

After 3 days in Shanghai I took a high speed train from Shanghai to Beijing. It’s a 1318km / 819mi journey that takes just under 5hrs at about 180mph (300kph.) By comparison, the Beijing-Ulaanbaatar train is about the same distance, but takes 29hrs! Pollution started getting bad as the high speed train got within about 30min of Beijing.

Cycling Beijing

Beijing is rich with history and the sights are not hard to find. Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City were walking distance from where we were staying, so we checked those out in the first 2 days along with some of the markets. On the 3rd day we went to the Great Wall – an absolute must see for any visitor to Beijing.

Our plan for the 4th and final day was to explore Tiananmen Square a bit more and see Mao’s Mausoleum which houses his preserved body. But it ended up being very cold and rainy, and despite the poor weather the line was incredibly long. So instead we hopped from restaurant to restaurant, eating our way through Beijing as we mentally prepared to go somewhere even colder.

Great Wall Portrait

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