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The Coolest Little Town in Patagonia

The Hilarity of “Underrated” “Underrated” doesn’t even begin to cover it. If it were anywhere else on earth, you’d already have heard of Puerto Natales. Problem is it’s right smack dab in the middle of Patagonia, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful areas in the world. It’s like putting your perfect little daily […]

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Where can you see THIS?

They’re not cute… Really. I never realized how incredibly stupid penguins look until I saw them for myself. Seeing them waddle awkwardly on land, watching them flap their useless wings, listening to them caw loudly at each other for no apparent reason other than to make noise. But get them in water, though, and they suddenly transform into […]

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The Southern Tip of the World

I’m an easy sell. The phone rings. Its a friend and fellow traveler, and by the end of our short conversation I’ve agreed to clear my work schedule for the next two weeks and instead head down south. Waaay south… Patagonia has always been low on my list: I don’t speak the language, prices are […]

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