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A Day in Bangkok

“Only 10 bhat tip? Give me more. You give me more!” Thus began our day outside of the Wat Po temple complex in Bangkok, Thailand. We had already massively overpaid for the short tuk tuk ride, but most drivers refuse to carry tourists for anything less than some multiple of the local price. It’s possible […]

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Why Bangkok Works in the Land of Smiles

Stay the hell away? Bangkok overwhelms in every possible way. The heat, traffic, crowds, noise, the constant assault of street food on your olfactory receptors. The polluted air and intense, near-equatorial sun lend a heavy feeling to being there and there’s no escape. Every single street corner is a barrage of concrete, electrical wires, idling […]

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Thailand Travels Part 1: Bangkok

Thailand Travels So you’ve seen The Hangover 2. Or The Beach. Or maybe you’re the one who watched Bangkok Dangerous… And now you want to travel to The Land of Smiles. Let me tell you all about it.   Getting there If you are traveling to Thailand from anywhere far, you will almost certainly arrive […]

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