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Video! Welcome to the Trans Siberian Railway

Welcome to my first video! It’s a summary of Trans Siberian train travel covering two separate trips – once westbound in late fall on the Trans Mongolian route from Shanghai to Moscow, and once eastbound in winter on the classic Trans Siberian route from Tallinn to Vladivostok. The video’s best watched in full screen (click […]

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Trans Siberian Railroad

I’ve finally finished blogging the Trans Siberian Railroad, a journey that took me from Shanghai to Moscow by train between Oct-Nov of last year. If you want to jump right in, start with my post on Shanghai. Otherwise, read on! I’ve traveled a lot over the last several years. I mean a lot. And despite all my […]

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Trans Siberian Railroad: Beijing

Oct 20-24, 2011 After 3 days in Shanghai I took a high speed train from Shanghai to Beijing. It’s a 1318km / 819mi journey that takes just under 5hrs at about 180mph (300kph.) By comparison, the Beijing-Ulaanbaatar train is about the same distance, but takes 29hrs! Pollution started getting bad as the high speed train […]

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