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Some trips stick with you.

How long does a vacation really last? There have been several articles which claim that the benefits of a vacation fade quickly after it’s over. While I’ve found that to be true for short, easy trips, I’ve also found longer […]

A Day in Bangkok

“Only 10 bhat tip? Give me more. You give me more!” Thus began our day outside of the Wat Po temple complex in Bangkok, Thailand. We had already massively overpaid for the short tuk tuk […]

You Should Go To Sri Lanka.

Just go there. It’s cheaper, more exotic, prettier, more laid back, and better than just about every other beach destination on Earth (yeah, even Thailand). Have your doubts? I’ll prove it to you.   It’s cheap […]

New Destination Gallery: RUSSIA

Twelve Cities, Six Weeks Worth of Travel The new Russia gallery is the culmination of about six weeks of travel through Russia on two separate trips. Cities included St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Tomsk, […]

Tasting Istanbul

A tour for someone who hates tours Istanbul is a food lover’s dream. There are so many food options and so many flavors in the city that it’s absolutely overwhelming. It’s like being in a maze […]

Where can you see THIS?

They’re not cute… Really. I never realized how incredibly stupid penguins look until I saw them for myself. Seeing them waddle awkwardly on land, watching them flap their useless wings, listening to them caw loudly at each […]