Ed Graham

I’m Ed and I’ve been taking travel photographs for over ten years on 6 continents. I particularly enjoy photographing sweeping landscapes, dramatic light, mountains, long exposures, and water. I put a lot of thought into what I shoot; this starts long before I show up on scene. I’ll study the history of the place, learn where the important landmarks are, and I’ll figure out where the sun’s going to be at what time of day.

All the stops are pulled when I go out shooting. From waking up at 1am to hike up to Tilicho Lake at 16,000 feet for sunrise shots in Nepal, to braving 40mph winds with horizontal sleet pelting me in the face while shooting Iceland in winter, needless to say conditions like these are less than pleasant – but they bring great results. I try to get the best possible shot regardless of what I need to endure to obtain it, and I believe these efforts show in my work.

I currently offer three limited edition prints for purchase. Each print is signed and numbered. Two sizes are available: 13×19″ and 20×30″, limited to 100 total prints regardless of size. Prints are professionally produced on Fuji Pearl archival quality paper. I use Fuji Pearl because of its ability to display a large dynamic range while maintaining high contrast. The closer you look, the more detail you see. The paper is also unique in that prints appear to jump off the page, almost as if light was coming from within the print itself. It’s an uncommon effect that truly needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Contact me at ed@thepolarroute.com.